Calling In Sick: Good and Bad Ways To Do It

sick-little-girlEverybody has to undergo a period of illness at some point in life. There is no one who has never encountered sickness in his entire life. But, there are seasons when you are not sick, and you lie to your boss and gets sick leave. You may have to go a friend’s wedding, or you may get an invitation for dinner at your relative, or you may need to do some other urgent works that can’t be delayed. In such situation, you can call in sick.
What are the genuine ideas for calling in sick?
The useful ways for sick leave are as follows:
1)   Lay the ground work: if you are going to take a sick leave the next day, then make sure that everyone knows about your sickness. If you are going to make an excuse of cold and cough then start coughing the day before. When your colleagues ask for your health, tell them you are not well. Let them also know that you will be staying in office and finishing the work as you hate pending works.
2)   Call your boss at the correct time: If you are going to tell your boss about your leave, call him an hour before. If you are emailing him, send him the mail even earlier. Keep him updated about your sickness.
3)   Excuse: calling in sick is not a joke. You must find a good reason for this. Some people are good at telling lies, but some are not good in this. You must find an excuse that is believable and less dramatic. You can inform your boss that you have caught a contagious disease like conjunctivitis and cold, and it can spread. Your boss will tell you to stay at home for the sake of other employees.
4)   Come back: when you are back at work after your sick leave, then don’t look over refreshed. Remember you have been sick, and you are not recovered yet. You should pretend as if you are still feeling dizzy and low. A great way to pretend to be sick is at
What are the bad ways for calling in sick?
The wrong ways for calling in sick are as follows:
1)   Social media: Some people do the stupidity that they log on to the social media sites when they are on sick leave. Remember, that you are not the only one who is on the social media site. Your boss may see you there and then you will be finished.
2)   Don’t go to social clubs and restaurants: you are not supposed to be in any restaurant or any club when you are sick, so stay at home when you have taken a sick leave.
3)   Don’t go for movies: you shouldn’t go for movies and shopping in the shopping malls. Anyone from your office can see you there and then there will be a lot of dispute ready for you once you resume work.