Cry your Eyes Out

Crying is a natural function of our body. It happens when we laugh when we cry or in pain and even when we have specks of dust in our eyes. We tend to avoid this reaction because of the embarrassment it may cause later on. But research shows that crying can actually help you live longer, it can also improve your health and happiness. Now how is this possible?

Crying produce tears which are used to lubricate our eyes thus allowing us to see. Tears have lysozyme that functions as an antibacterial and kills 90-95% of germs we acquire when going to places where germs normally procreate. Next is that tears produced when in pain or distress tends to be toxic, this actually means that the body is removing toxins that build up because of stress from itself in tear form. Manganese levels that cause emotional stress can be lowered through crying and results to a more positive mood. And lastly, it can help you release all your emotions piled up that cause negative effects to your body and mind.

Rather than avoiding getting tears in your eyes, don’t apologize for it. You would be better of crying.

Whats the Difference Between a Medical Centre and Hospital

medical-centerMedical centre and hospital are the two words that are used alternatively for the medical services. The term “hospital” is more commonly used rather than the term “medical centre”. Medical centre is vague, and it is rarely used. But there is some difference in both of them.
Difference between hospital and medical centre
A medical centre is a centre that houses a group of doctors. These doctors provide health care services to the patients from a single premise. Various medical centers are different in their shapes and sizes. Medical centers are of different types too. Some medical centers offer doctors for general practice while other medical centre offer doctors for special services and surgeries such as oncology, dermatology, plastic surgery, radiology, gastroenterology, etc. These doctors are called specialists. Some medical centers provide both general practitioners and specialists. Go to a article to get the best fake dcotr’s excuse.
Public hospitals provide doctors for general medical practice. They often have a medical centre in their vicinity too. The doctors from the public hospital can see the patients privately in clinics too. Public hospitals have both physicians and the surgeons.
What are the services provided by the medical centers?
Some of the outstanding services provided by the medical centers are as follows:
1)   Skin cancer clinics:
Skin cancer is the one of the most common form of cancer. It occurs due to harmful UV radiation and affects your health. There are two main types of skin cancer that are, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Skin cancer can spread throughout the body. Skin cancer clinics have skin cancer specialist to treat the cancer.
2)   Medical centers:
This type of a medical centre is commonly known as GP clinic. GP means general practitioners. They provide GP for full time and part time. The GPs choose their own time to work, and you cannot see the same doctor at all the time. This type of medical centre does not provide the facility of appointments. You have to wait in the queue to get your number. This type of a medical centre is either small or big. The larger GP clinics have more health care specialist such as they have qualified nurses, nutritionist, physiotherapist and dietician, etc. Certain medical centers offer a comprehensive range of services. To name a few, they are surgeries both minor and major, emergency medical services, antenatal care, asthma clinics, acupuncture, care plans, diagnostics, STD treatment, childhood vaccination, etc.
3)   Other services:
Other than GP medical centers also provide some common services such as women’s health, family health, travel health, men’s health, minor surgical program, immunization programs. They also provide some pathology services. Certain medical centers provide chronic disease management, for example, diabetes and asthma. They can also provide the nursing facility. The nurse can also be available at the time of pap smears, mammography and pregnancy, etc.
These are some common services provided by the medical centers. These medical centers are no different than the hospitals. The only difference is that medical centers offer wider range of services than the public hospitals. Hospitals provide limited services while the medical centers provide many services under one roof.

Medical School – Get Ready for a Long Grind

medical-schoolAre you preparing yourself to get admitted in a medical school? If yes, then you should prepare your mind for a long suffering. Usually, the best students who have the best academic records are supposed to go into the medical field. For entering the medical line, you should have the best scores in your secondary and higher secondary exams, and you should have an excellent academic performance.
It is not easy to get admitted into medical college. You need to fulfill some requirements to get into the medical school. There are many colleges and school that provide medical education. Most of them take their tests and exams to assess a student’s ability to become an excellent physician. Some of the medical school does not conduct their separate exams, and they take students through the primary national level exam or international level exam.
What are the obligations for entering in the medical school?
You will need to fulfill some or all the requirements to get into the medical field. The requirements are as follows:
1)   Good science grades: it is not necessary to score good in all the subjects till your higher secondary education. But you must have a good score in science. If your grades in science are not good then, you can’t enter the medical school.
2)   Good score in the medical exam: you must score good in the medical exam conducted for the entry in medical school. If you don’t have good marks in medical entrance exam then, it will create hurdles in your medical career.
3)   Interview skills: after passing the medical entrance exam with good score, you have to face the interview. You should prepare well for the interview. If the interview is not good then all your hard work will not be paid with the medical degree.
How to prepare for medical school and medical entrance exam?
1)   You can prepare for a medical exam with your friends or a tutor. The tutor will help you to understand the concepts of chemistry, physics and biology. Group studies are also helpful.
2)   You can take coaching for the preparation of medical entrance exam. They will teach you all the subjects and you will not be bored with other students.
3)   You can also prepare online. You can take online tests and can prepare for a medical exam.
4)   You can also go for self-studies. You can prepare for the test yourself. Take your books now and start preparing for the exam.
What should you study for a medical exam?
All the science subjects are necessary for the medical exam. You need to focus more on the physiology and anatomy. The best way to plan for the medical exam is to practice the multiple choice questions that are MCQs. MCQs helps a lot in medical exam. You can take MCQ tests and can prepare for it. You can take the MCQ tests online too. You should practice more to score better in the exam. The more you practice, the better your score will become in medical entrance exam.

Calling In Sick: Good and Bad Ways To Do It

sick-little-girlEverybody has to undergo a period of illness at some point in life. There is no one who has never encountered sickness in his entire life. But, there are seasons when you are not sick, and you lie to your boss and gets sick leave. You may have to go a friend’s wedding, or you may get an invitation for dinner at your relative, or you may need to do some other urgent works that can’t be delayed. In such situation, you can call in sick.
What are the genuine ideas for calling in sick?
The useful ways for sick leave are as follows:
1)   Lay the ground work: if you are going to take a sick leave the next day, then make sure that everyone knows about your sickness. If you are going to make an excuse of cold and cough then start coughing the day before. When your colleagues ask for your health, tell them you are not well. Let them also know that you will be staying in office and finishing the work as you hate pending works.
2)   Call your boss at the correct time: If you are going to tell your boss about your leave, call him an hour before. If you are emailing him, send him the mail even earlier. Keep him updated about your sickness.
3)   Excuse: calling in sick is not a joke. You must find a good reason for this. Some people are good at telling lies, but some are not good in this. You must find an excuse that is believable and less dramatic. You can inform your boss that you have caught a contagious disease like conjunctivitis and cold, and it can spread. Your boss will tell you to stay at home for the sake of other employees.
4)   Come back: when you are back at work after your sick leave, then don’t look over refreshed. Remember you have been sick, and you are not recovered yet. You should pretend as if you are still feeling dizzy and low. A great way to pretend to be sick is at
What are the bad ways for calling in sick?
The wrong ways for calling in sick are as follows:
1)   Social media: Some people do the stupidity that they log on to the social media sites when they are on sick leave. Remember, that you are not the only one who is on the social media site. Your boss may see you there and then you will be finished.
2)   Don’t go to social clubs and restaurants: you are not supposed to be in any restaurant or any club when you are sick, so stay at home when you have taken a sick leave.
3)   Don’t go for movies: you shouldn’t go for movies and shopping in the shopping malls. Anyone from your office can see you there and then there will be a lot of dispute ready for you once you resume work.

Natural Remedies for Colds

Cold and cough seems very simple problems, but they can be annoying at times. They do not spare anyone, no matter how strong you are. Many people take dozens of medicines to combat cold, but allopathic medicines are not useful when taken for longer times and frequently. Natural remedies can also be used to treat cold.
Why home remedies are better than the allopathic medicine to treat cold?
Natural remedies for cold and cough are much better than the allopathic medicines. They do not cause any side effect, and they are readily available. They not only control the cold, but they are beneficial for your health too. They do not cause any side effect, unlike the allopathic medicines. Home remedies control the secretion of mucus; it cleans the respiratory system and boost your immunity.
What are the best home remedies for cold?
Some of the most effective and easy to use home remedies are given below:
1)   Ginger tea: Ginger tea is very helpful in cold. It opens your nostril and help you in taking a breath of relief. It helps to stop the running nose ad to expel the phlegm from your nose and respiratory system. It also soothes your throat, and it speeds up your recovery.
2)   Turmeric: turmeric is the best medicine for cold. You can have turmeric powder with milk or tea. It is an antiseptic, and anyone can use it to get relief. It also fights with cough.
3)   Cinnamon, lemon and honey: Cold occurs due to a deficiency of vitamin C. lemon is rich in vitamin C. Lemon, honey and cinnamon mixture can prevent cold and cough.
4)   Honey and brandy: Normally, cold is followed by cough. If you have cold, obviously cough will be in the queue and waiting to take over. Honey helps to fight cough while brandy makes your chest warm and thus it increases your body heat. Honey and brandy gives you relief in cold and cough.
5)   Water: Luke warm water can help you to take a breath of relief in cold. It helps to fight with the cough, cold and sore throat. Water washes out the infection from the body, and it decreases throat inflammation.
6)   Amla: amla also contains vitamin C and thus it also helps to prevent cold.
7)   Gargle: if you have cough and cold then, salt water gargle can help you. You can also add turmeric to the salt water. It will help to fight with the cough.
8)   Spiced tea: spiced tea with ginger, tulsi and black pepper can help to fight with cough and cold and sore throat.
9)   Garlic: if you have cold and cough, then take sauté garlic in ghee. It will help to fight cough and cold.
10)   Flaxseed: to get relief from the cold and cough you can also take flaxseeds. Boil the flaxseeds and strain it. Add some honey and lime juice to the boiled flaxseeds and consume it. It will help in cold and cough.
Having said all these, the best remedy for colds is still taking a lot of rest and intake of plenty of liquids. Our body has its own defenses and all we need is to support and boost it. Since this is a common sickness among us, our employers might not accept our reason for not coming to work because of it. So, this is where we need to use a fake doctors note template to help us earn our paid sick leave. Visit a article learn how you can get your hands on fake physicians’ note.

The Legal Problems With A Fake Doctors Note

Getting a fake doctors note in order to get leave from school or office is not uncommon and infrequent these days. Most individuals are unaware that a fake doctor note can result in jail or various other legal cases against them. There are whole and enormous levels of risks associated with any fake doctor’s note; it is important to learn or be aware of all such problems that can arise once you use fake doctor note or certificate. There are different laws and strict rules against fake doctor’s note. Give a second thought before you use any such for your purpose.

How To Avoid Serious Consequences of Using Obviously Fake Medical Notes From Easy To Spot Fake Doctors

If you can’t get a doctor note template that appears real, then you might be in serious trouble. Real notes will definitely work but fake ones leads to a great disaster. So, you should make great efforts to find one. You can do this by searching the internet to find the best online sellers whom you can trust. This looks sarcastic because you will be looking for a trusthwothy seller who sells fake, sarcastic right?
It’s mind-boggling how employers never mind that their workers have been to a doctor’s note website. It’s obvious that these kind of trend has been going on and employees have gone crazy about it. Do they not fear the possible consequences if these continue. If you want to create or print your own fake doctor’s excuse, then go to

Obvious consequence of using fake notes

If it comes to light that a particular student or an employee has used a fake note, then that student or employee is legally liable for dire consequences. These consequences will be based on the how and the when of the situation. That individual will have to pay an enormous price if the fake doctors note is not structured properly or poorly made. Compared to any employee, a student has less risk associated with such case of using fake doctor’s note. In case of the student, the maximum result or outcome will be suspension, detention or maybe a call or letter to parents regarding the issue. With college student, the problem can be much bigger as the student can be expelled or suspended from the college because of using such illegal or fake doctor’s note.

How Employees Can Detect Fake Medical Notes

With employees, the risk of using fake doctor’s note is extreme, and there is an undeniable possibility of the employee being fired immediately from the office or job. However, if the authority gives them a chance, the employee can be given some strict punishment or fine may be imposed for using such illegal process. Whatever is the reason, it is the hardest of punishments being imposed on the employee found guilty or using fake doctor’s note. There is however some serious consequences of using fake doctor’s note, and it varies from organization to organization.
To help you spot this type of difference from a true note, you must print off a phony form and compare it with the original one that you might have found.

Serious consequences of a fake doctors note

When it comes to a fake doctors note, there can be some serious consequences but it totally depends on the company or the authority taking up the case. The concerned authority may involve legal system or step against the employee who was found guilty of forging doctor’s name, note and broke the law. There are substantial consequences with such fake notes and may be followed with heavy fine as well as jail terms. Once the number of doctors used for forgery is found, it may end up with more serious consequences for the employee.dr. note that works perfectly

Effective fake doctors note

Premium copy of a Doctor’s note

Having known these consequences, you might want to invest on Dr. form that works perfectly rather than the free ones that are fake and will just cause you serious problems.

Thought on Fake doctor’s note

Fake doctor’s note can be a great thing that any individual would wish to have, using which any school student can enjoy a day’s leave, an employee can get much awaited break from hectic or busy schedule but once it is found or proved there may be serious consequences and even result in shattering any individuals career. Try to avoid such steps and make sure you find another way to get leave or break from regular work.
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The Dos and Don’t of Being Asked to Write a Eulogy

eulogy-speechThe death of a loved one is never an easy experience to go through, and there may come a time when you are tasked with giving a speech at the funeral. Aside from processing your own feelings of the loss, you now have the pressure of saying the right thing in front of others who are feeling their on grief.The most important thing is that you have the opportunity to help others celebrate the life of their loved one.
Before you begin the actual writing, it is important to take a moment to gather some details. First understand the tone you want to use for the speech. Is this eulogy going to be somber, are you going to use some light humor or will it be a brief history of their lives? Your second task is to understand who you are writing for. This does not just mean the audience of the funeral, but it also depends on whether you are writing on behalf of the family, as a friend, or as significant other. Your tone and your audience will help dictate how the writing will go.
An effective eulogy should contain the following information. You will want to start off by introducing yourself and explain your relationship with the deceased and their family. Give a brief summary of the key moments in their life, birth, graduation, marriage, kids etc. You can include anecdotes, a personal story, if there is a poem you have written or found that is for them. Some families may ask for specific religious texts and passages be read, check with them while you are writing your speech.
There are a few pitfalls you should work on avoiding when it comes to eulogy speeches. The main one is not bringing up bitter memories, or discuss negative aspects of the deceased. Honesty is important, but dwelling on old wounds or sharing dirty laundry is not appropriate.
A funeral is never an easy thing to go through, and this is made even more true if you are tasked with the responsibility of giving a eulogy for the deceased.
I found a website that offers  a sample eulogy speech that is very easy to use. It’s just like filling the blanks with the correct information about the deceased and words that tell your emotion. My friend had tried this on her mom’s funeral and she finished preparing her speech in an hour or less, I think. Visit a EulogiesMadeEasy story for more information about making a great speech.