Cry your Eyes Out

Crying is a natural function of our body. It happens when we laugh when we cry or in pain and even when we have specks of dust in our eyes. We tend to avoid this reaction because of the embarrassment it may cause later on. But research shows that crying can actually help you live longer, it can also improve your health and happiness. Now how is this possible?

Crying produce tears which are used to lubricate our eyes thus allowing us to see. Tears have lysozyme that functions as an antibacterial and kills 90-95% of germs we acquire when going to places where germs normally procreate. Next is that tears produced when in pain or distress tends to be toxic, this actually means that the body is removing toxins that build up because of stress from itself in tear form. Manganese levels that cause emotional stress can be lowered through crying and results to a more positive mood. And lastly, it can help you release all your emotions piled up that cause negative effects to your body and mind.

Rather than avoiding getting tears in your eyes, don’t apologize for it. You would be better of crying.