Natural Remedies for Colds

Cold and cough seems very simple problems, but they can be annoying at times. They do not spare anyone, no matter how strong you are. Many people take dozens of medicines to combat cold, but allopathic medicines are not useful when taken for longer times and frequently. Natural remedies can also be used to treat cold.
Why home remedies are better than the allopathic medicine to treat cold?
Natural remedies for cold and cough are much better than the allopathic medicines. They do not cause any side effect, and they are readily available. They not only control the cold, but they are beneficial for your health too. They do not cause any side effect, unlike the allopathic medicines. Home remedies control the secretion of mucus; it cleans the respiratory system and boost your immunity.
What are the best home remedies for cold?
Some of the most effective and easy to use home remedies are given below:
1)   Ginger tea: Ginger tea is very helpful in cold. It opens your nostril and help you in taking a breath of relief. It helps to stop the running nose ad to expel the phlegm from your nose and respiratory system. It also soothes your throat, and it speeds up your recovery.
2)   Turmeric: turmeric is the best medicine for cold. You can have turmeric powder with milk or tea. It is an antiseptic, and anyone can use it to get relief. It also fights with cough.
3)   Cinnamon, lemon and honey: Cold occurs due to a deficiency of vitamin C. lemon is rich in vitamin C. Lemon, honey and cinnamon mixture can prevent cold and cough.
4)   Honey and brandy: Normally, cold is followed by cough. If you have cold, obviously cough will be in the queue and waiting to take over. Honey helps to fight cough while brandy makes your chest warm and thus it increases your body heat. Honey and brandy gives you relief in cold and cough.
5)   Water: Luke warm water can help you to take a breath of relief in cold. It helps to fight with the cough, cold and sore throat. Water washes out the infection from the body, and it decreases throat inflammation.
6)   Amla: amla also contains vitamin C and thus it also helps to prevent cold.
7)   Gargle: if you have cough and cold then, salt water gargle can help you. You can also add turmeric to the salt water. It will help to fight with the cough.
8)   Spiced tea: spiced tea with ginger, tulsi and black pepper can help to fight with cough and cold and sore throat.
9)   Garlic: if you have cold and cough, then take sauté garlic in ghee. It will help to fight cough and cold.
10)   Flaxseed: to get relief from the cold and cough you can also take flaxseeds. Boil the flaxseeds and strain it. Add some honey and lime juice to the boiled flaxseeds and consume it. It will help in cold and cough.
Having said all these, the best remedy for colds is still taking a lot of rest and intake of plenty of liquids. Our body has its own defenses and all we need is to support and boost it. Since this is a common sickness among us, our employers might not accept our reason for not coming to work because of it. So, this is where we need to use a fake doctors note template to help us earn our paid sick leave. Visit a article learn how you can get your hands on fake physicians’ note.