The Dos and Don’t of Being Asked to Write a Eulogy

eulogy-speechThe death of a loved one is never an easy experience to go through, and there may come a time when you are tasked with giving a speech at the funeral. Aside from processing your own feelings of the loss, you now have the pressure of saying the right thing in front of others who are feeling their on grief.The most important thing is that you have the opportunity to help others celebrate the life of their loved one.
Before you begin the actual writing, it is important to take a moment to gather some details. First understand the tone you want to use for the speech. Is this eulogy going to be somber, are you going to use some light humor or will it be a brief history of their lives? Your second task is to understand who you are writing for. This does not just mean the audience of the funeral, but it also depends on whether you are writing on behalf of the family, as a friend, or as significant other. Your tone and your audience will help dictate how the writing will go.
An effective eulogy should contain the following information. You will want to start off by introducing yourself and explain your relationship with the deceased and their family. Give a brief summary of the key moments in their life, birth, graduation, marriage, kids etc. You can include anecdotes, a personal story, if there is a poem you have written or found that is for them. Some families may ask for specific religious texts and passages be read, check with them while you are writing your speech.
There are a few pitfalls you should work on avoiding when it comes to eulogy speeches. The main one is not bringing up bitter memories, or discuss negative aspects of the deceased. Honesty is important, but dwelling on old wounds or sharing dirty laundry is not appropriate.
A funeral is never an easy thing to go through, and this is made even more true if you are tasked with the responsibility of giving a eulogy for the deceased.
I found a website that offers  a sample eulogy speech that is very easy to use. It’s just like filling the blanks with the correct information about the deceased and words that tell your emotion. My friend had tried this on her mom’s funeral and she finished preparing her speech in an hour or less, I think. Visit a EulogiesMadeEasy story for more information about making a great speech.