Whats the Difference Between a Medical Centre and Hospital

medical-centerMedical centre and hospital are the two words that are used alternatively for the medical services. The term “hospital” is more commonly used rather than the term “medical centre”. Medical centre is vague, and it is rarely used. But there is some difference in both of them.
Difference between hospital and medical centre
A medical centre is a centre that houses a group of doctors. These doctors provide health care services to the patients from a single premise. Various medical centers are different in their shapes and sizes. Medical centers are of different types too. Some medical centers offer doctors for general practice while other medical centre offer doctors for special services and surgeries such as oncology, dermatology, plastic surgery, radiology, gastroenterology, etc. These doctors are called specialists. Some medical centers provide both general practitioners and specialists. Go to a jaseemumer.com article to get the best fake dcotr’s excuse.
Public hospitals provide doctors for general medical practice. They often have a medical centre in their vicinity too. The doctors from the public hospital can see the patients privately in clinics too. Public hospitals have both physicians and the surgeons.
What are the services provided by the medical centers?
Some of the outstanding services provided by the medical centers are as follows:
1)   Skin cancer clinics:
Skin cancer is the one of the most common form of cancer. It occurs due to harmful UV radiation and affects your health. There are two main types of skin cancer that are, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Skin cancer can spread throughout the body. Skin cancer clinics have skin cancer specialist to treat the cancer.
2)   Medical centers:
This type of a medical centre is commonly known as GP clinic. GP means general practitioners. They provide GP for full time and part time. The GPs choose their own time to work, and you cannot see the same doctor at all the time. This type of medical centre does not provide the facility of appointments. You have to wait in the queue to get your number. This type of a medical centre is either small or big. The larger GP clinics have more health care specialist such as they have qualified nurses, nutritionist, physiotherapist and dietician, etc. Certain medical centers offer a comprehensive range of services. To name a few, they are surgeries both minor and major, emergency medical services, antenatal care, asthma clinics, acupuncture, care plans, diagnostics, STD treatment, childhood vaccination, etc.
3)   Other services:
Other than GP medical centers also provide some common services such as women’s health, family health, travel health, men’s health, minor surgical program, immunization programs. They also provide some pathology services. Certain medical centers provide chronic disease management, for example, diabetes and asthma. They can also provide the nursing facility. The nurse can also be available at the time of pap smears, mammography and pregnancy, etc.
These are some common services provided by the medical centers. These medical centers are no different than the hospitals. The only difference is that medical centers offer wider range of services than the public hospitals. Hospitals provide limited services while the medical centers provide many services under one roof.